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Half-Truths and Gorilla Dust: Comparing Index Funds and Actively Managed Funds in a Market Decline

  Sometimes evidence just gets in the way of the story we want to tell. I was scrolling through some news stories on my phone recently and came across an eye-catching headline from Marketwatch: “How Index Funds Mislead Investors.” (The … Continue reading

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Buy-and-Hold: Mission Impossible?

  Marketwatch’s Chuck Jaffe recently wrote an interesting article challenging the practicality of the decades-old investment approach known as buy-and-hold, citing a “leading money manager and behavioral finance expert” as claiming that the approach is impossible. The two folks that Jaffe … Continue reading

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The Retirement Gamble and the Triumph of the Index Fund

On April 23rd, PBS Frontline ran a fascinating documentary called “The Retirement Gamble” that took a hard look at the 401(k) workplace retirement plan system. It wasn’t a pretty picture. Among the many charges levied against the system – and … Continue reading

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For Real Life? The Important Distinction Between “Real” and “Nominal”

When my 4-year old daughter wants to make sure that something you’ve said is true, she’ll say, “For real life?” It’s an important question, and it’s been fun watching her try to distinguish between illusion and reality. I’ve thought about … Continue reading

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