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Financial Antiques Roadshow

Every once in a while my bride convinces me to watch the Antiques Roadshow television program, which travels the country and features expert appraisers evaluating antiques brought in by real people. We like to hear stories of someone buying an … Continue reading

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It’s A Bird . . . It’s A Plane . . .

IT’S A METEOR! Those of you left wondering after the recent meteor incident whether such damage would be covered by your home owner’s insurance will rest easier tonight knowing the answer is most likely yes. The typical homeowner’s insurance policy … Continue reading

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Long-Term Care Insurance, Short-Term Deadline

  One of the biggest challenges retirees face is the ever increasing cost of health care, particularly extended stays in long-term care or nursing facilities. Traditionally, people have dealt with the expensive possibility of such stays in two ways: self-funding … Continue reading

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Changes in Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance is meant to protect one’s finances in the event of a debilitating health issue.  Traditional health insurance (and Medicare) do not cover the cost of most long-term care, which can include both shorter term health challenges (e.g., … Continue reading

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