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Cooking And Your Financial Plan

We recently participated in a fun team-building activity, the details of which were kept secret up until the event began. Speculation ran rampant. Would we be hiking? White water rafting? Skydiving? All those guesses were wrong. Upon arriving at our … Continue reading

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The Role of Luck and Randomness

Along with millions of other Americans, our office held a small pool for the NCAA basketball tournament this past March.  We filled out our brackets and let the games play out. Well, I won, despite spending less than 7 minutes … Continue reading

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Swimming Superstar Katie Ledecky Decides To Go Pro – A conversation between financial planners

  Joe:  Well Allison, it looks like we’re back at it.  Katie Ledecky has finally decided to turn pro just as I recommended a year and a half ago. Allison:  Yes, Joe, I saw the news release.  Are you saying … Continue reading

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Your Portfolio and the Saguaro Cactus

The Saguaro cactus (pronounced Sah-wa-ro) grows exclusively in the Sonoran Desert, which extends into areas of California, Arizona and Northern Mexico. It’s an incredible plant with amazing characteristics and a lifespan measured in centuries. Because of its massive size and … Continue reading

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