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An Investment Lesson from My Busted Basketball Bracket

It’s hard to live in Chapel Hill and not be aware of the men’s basketball team this time of year– especially when they continue playing into late March. After the team won their game this past Saturday, I saw the … Continue reading

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My Social Security Statement…What’s That?

Every year, the Social Security Administration creates a custom statement (creatively titled “Your Social Security Statement”) for each worker who has paid into the Social Security system. The statement provides a year-by-year record of your earnings; annual taxes you have … Continue reading

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Trouble Letting Go

Once a year, I go through my closet to identify clothes that I haven’t worn in a long while. My intent is to determine which things to keep, which to part with, and which items are so worn that they … Continue reading

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No tax refund? Congratulations!

The April 15th income tax filing deadline has passed and now we know how much of a refund we’ll be getting, or how much we owe in taxes for 2014.  If you did not get a refund, then congratulations! You … Continue reading

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