About Our Blog

Blog Picture from iStockWhat is a blog?

Blog is short for “weblog,” and it is basically an online journal.  It’s a place for us to post timely, interesting information.

Who are the authors?

The contributors of our blog will always be one of our advisors, unless otherwise clearly noted.

How often do you post blog entries?

We try to post something new every couple of weeks, around two to three posts each month.

What happens when I subscribe to the blog?

By subscribing to the blog, you will receive an email notification directly into your inbox of every new post.  Within the email, there will be a link to the full post.  In other words, you won’t have to keep going back to our blog website to look for updates.  They will come to you automatically every time we post something new!

How do I subscribe to the blog?

On the top right side of the main blog webpage, carefully enter your email address in the box under the heading “Email Subscription.” You
will receive an email from our blog website asking you to confirm your subscription request. (The email will be from Woodward Financial Advisors, Inc., but the specific email address it will come from will be “donotreply@wordpress.com.”)

Why are comments closed? 

We have closed comments because we never want to risk jeopardizing the privacy of our clients.

What if I have a topic that I wish you would address?

Great!  While we can’t make any promises, we would love to hear your suggestions about topics you would like to know more about.  Please email Maggie with your suggestions (mwilkins@woodwardadvisors.com).

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Woodward Financial Advisors blog!  We hope you enjoy perusing our trove of posts.  To go back to the homepage of our blog, click here.   To go to our official website, click here.