Woodward Financial Advisors Top 10 Blog Posts for 2013

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We use our blog to communicate about a variety of different topics, some of which might never get covered in personal conversations with clients. Over the past year, we’ve written about financial planning techniques, the economy, Social Security, the stock market…it’s truly an eclectic mix of pieces.

In case you missed them, here are the top 10 posts to the Woodward Financial Advisors blog for 2013, based on the number of page views.

Not So Good News For Contributors To The North Carolina 529 College Savings Plan

Goodbye Tax-Free Weekends, Hello Tax Code Changes

How We “Found” A Client an Additional $44,000/year: Social Security Dependent Benefits

For Real Life? The Important Distinction Between “Real” and “Nominal”

The Retirement Gamble and the Triumph of the Index Fund

Long-Term Care Insurance, Short-Term Deadline

Rules of Thumb: The 4% Rule

Harness the Power of Time with a Roth IRA

A Social Security Mulligan: Filing, Collecting and Suspending Later

Turning Daughters Into Investors: Increasing Financial Confidence in Professional Women

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